Crack Repair in Westmoreland County

Due to the nature of asphalt pavement, your driveway will eventually experience som etype of cracking. Cracks are the first step in pavement deterioration. They allow moisture, chemicals and the sun’s ultraviolet rays to penetrate the asphalt. This accelerates pavement breakdown. Proper repair of cracks ¼ inch wide or larger is the first step to successful driveway maintenance.

Selecting the Cracks: The cracks must be approximately 1/4 inch or greater which is about the width of a credit card. We are not able to repair alligator cracks. Areas with extensive alligator cracking will require additional pavement repairs such as infrared, saw cut or mill patching.


Preparation of the Crack Repair: The first step is to clean out the targeted cracks by brushing the targeted area with a wire bristle broom or electric bristle broom. Doing so will loosen any substance in the cracks. Team members will then blow out the targeted area with high pressure air to remove any excess dirt or debri.


Application: Hot rubberized Cafco asphalt, heated to 350-380, will be applied to the designated area and squeegeed along the preexisting crack.


Protection: If crackfilling is done along with sealing a client’s driveway, the crackfilling will be done prior to the sealing of the driveway. If crackfilling is done alone, the team members may applie black beauty sand along the newly crackfilled area. This may reduce tracking. We strongly suggest keeping traffic off the crackfilled area for approximately 48 hours.

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