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Brant's Asphalt has installed thousands of asphalt driveways in the past. We continue to serve our residential communities as well as commercial partners with top of the line asphalt installation and maintenance.  There are various solutions for the fading, crumbling, chipping and cracking of your asphalt surfaces. These solutions are explained briefly below.

OVERLAY - Overlaying existing asphalt driveways or parking areas is a solution that is becoming more popular as a way to preserve your existing asphalt driveway. As long as you can attain fall away from doors and garage doors, we would recommend applying 1 inch - 1 1/2 inch of ID2 Top Coat to the existing asphalt driveway.

WALKING PATH, BICYCLE PATH AND GOLF CART PATH - Brants Asphalt is the only paving contractor in the area that has a path paver. This specialized piece of equipment provides that same beautiful finished look of driveway and parking lots, allowing for a narrow width. Traditional pavers are designed to install pavement up to 15 feet in width, while specialized path pavers can go as narrow as 5-8 feet in width.


PATCH - Any areas in your driveway or parking lot that appear to be cracking and crumbling (also known as "Alligator cracks" or "Spider cracks") could be recommended to be a patch. Areas will be saw cut or milled out and hauled away. In either case, additional asphalt will be applied to the contracted area and properly machine rolled. To finish, the edges will be sealed with hot tar.


NEW CONSTRUCTION - Are you parking in grass or gravel now? Give us a call and we will be happy to work with you and/or your General Contractor to get the exact dimensions you desire for a new driveway or parking lot installation.

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